Genetic Forecast for calculate the descendant of Gouldian Finches

Gouldian Genetics Forecast On-Line ver. 1.0:

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For all those who are dedicated to genetics and mutations of Gouldian Finches I offer to use Genetics forecast for online calculation of the offspring. to date in 13 languages.
















This genetics forecast as it was compose can not refund the breeders´s achievements about heredity of individual signs.
All breeders must at first understand a base of genetic and interheritance of colours and their interaction, too, to the right using of genetics forecast.
Our genetics forecast doesn´t know and can not cover the breeder´s knowledge of course , which are also needed to the right set of partner´s pair (male and female).
On-line genetics forecast that we have programmed is not the same as other forecasts which are known to me till now. These forecast are exe programms that we have to install into the PC and they are in English language or in other languages.
Breeders have to know the right names of individual colour mutations to the right set of partner´s pair.
I ´m going to explain you a base of genetic theory from which I was taken the facts and information and according as is this genetics forecast working.

Use of genetics forecast:

Breeder has to know the right names of mutations for the right set of partner´s pair. By female and male choosing we have to choose head, breast and body, of course with regard to the split. This split is needed to reach the right results.
It´s really important for breeder to know the split of breeding pair at least some last generations and write all the notes for the future. It will help him to reach the most objective results. Under the picture is automatically write the genome at chromosomes by the setting of individual parts of body.
After the completely right set we can see the phenotype of breeding bird in window of genetics forecast. If there are choosed the both partners, we have to continue with button "count". After this choise we can see down in window descendants of gouldian Finches: males and females - at first we see phenotype, after the slash is split in this order: head, breast and body.
At the end of the line it is simpliest genome for those, whom will want to make the calculation by hand.
If we show suffice with cursor of PC´s mouse to the right line in result we will see phenotype in small window .

I wish for all the breeders pleasant work with this genetics forecast and I hope, that it will help you in breeding.

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